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3rd Art Peice

2015-11-21 19:12:11 by MattReveran


Wew. My third peice.

Still an amateur but it's starting to look good. It's not finished though.

I just feel like posting this incase someone reads this and gives any advice cuz I suck at artsy stuff. Was only inspired by the most wonderful girl I love >_> Uhm... let's call her Starr...

I'll finish it soon as I stop getting headaches.

Also I'm sort of getting commisions now >_> ... from IRL friends... ofcourse.


Thanks for reading le jibberish on meh wall

EDIT: Sigh... don't have time and I'm kinda getting lazy T_T Digital paingint stuff is hard... I'll post this painting as it is.

ME!! ... or meh...

2015-11-09 07:27:49 by MattReveran


This is me... Or the best possible ios drawing I can make of me...

Which makes me feel like I should actually post some stuff I draw :\






I think I'll just upload this on NG.

sigh lol.


Someone's Poetry #1

2015-11-06 09:39:50 by MattReveran

Fuck me.

Fuck me with your eyes when you ask what type of cereal I want in the morning and how I wrap myself into my blankets at night, whether or not I leave one leg out for the demons to grab.

Fuck me with your words when you tell me I look like the way sunshine feels and that I am the kind of beautiful that poets die trying to describe.

Fuck me with your heart when you tell me that you carry this love for me like a ticking time bomb because you know that it will one day consume us both alive.



Picture isn't part of the poetry. Just felt like this is what love is like...

So here's the link to the picture: