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Entry #3

3rd Art Peice

2015-11-21 19:12:11 by MattReveran


Wew. My third peice.

Still an amateur but it's starting to look good. It's not finished though.

I just feel like posting this incase someone reads this and gives any advice cuz I suck at artsy stuff. Was only inspired by the most wonderful girl I love >_> Uhm... let's call her Starr...

I'll finish it soon as I stop getting headaches.

Also I'm sort of getting commisions now >_> ... from IRL friends... ofcourse.


Thanks for reading le jibberish on meh wall

EDIT: Sigh... don't have time and I'm kinda getting lazy T_T Digital paingint stuff is hard... I'll post this painting as it is.


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